TRANSCRIPT: My name is Warren Lockhart. I have been back in school full-time as an adult. I am 36 years old. I found Crazy88’s about two years ago. I have been training ever since.

0:14 – I come from a sports karate background. I received my first degree black belt in 1999. I have always been involved in martial arts. Essentially, when you get to a certain comfort level with the style of martial arts that you are used to and you come to a different style, basically when you see how vulnerable you are, even though you are a high level practitioner in another style, it is really interesting to see how easy it is to be beaten at a sport you are not familiar with or an activity you are not familiar with. So this is why I keep coming back because I think it is just a big whole in my overall martial arts game.

0:50 – For me, coming back to any type of martial arts is getting over the initial reaction of, or acceptance of being out of shape. That was a huge thing. I was worried about being out of shape. I knew that I had not been training actively full-time in several years. So, without a doubt, the biggest hurdle is accepting the fact that you are going to be out of shape and just, kind of, giving up to that and then, you know, walking in the door and trying your first class.

1:22 – Most of the people that I work with and train with at Crazy 88’s, basically are, you have moms, you have students in school, you have full-time students, you have people that work full-time jobs, you have college graduates. There is a huge array of people that train. Everybody has their own, you know, their own progress levels. They all excel at their rates. A lot of people that I have been with excel at a faster pace. Some have passed where I am at my training at this point. Others, you know, it’s kind of a unique journey for everybody that trains here.

2:05 – If I had to pick someone to NOT train at Crazy 88’s I would have to say it is someone who comes in with a huge chip on your shoulder. If you think that you are above and beyond, I don’t think is the kind of place for you. You have to come in with an open mind and a humble attitude.

2:28 – Being from a martial arts background, I am very familiar with the McDojo. We call them Belt Factories where I come from. But this is definitely a school where if you choose to compete the environment completely supports that. It’s there. It nurtures people that have a desire to compete. It develops people who may have a fear of getting out there and trying to do something in front of a big crowd of people or something like that. This is also the type of school that if you are not interested in competing, you can definitely excel and just come for personal fitness reasons or just better yourself and get in shape. This school offers both aspects.