Muay Thai Kickboxing

Learn the Most Effective & Proven Striking System in the World.

Life-changing benefits

Why Train Muay Thai at Crazy 88?

Best Defense

Learn to properly defend yourself against punches and kicks

Explosive Power

Master knockout strikes and build unmatched power in your punches, kicks, elbows, and knees

Cardio & Strength

Develop strong cardio along with devastating moves. Muay Thai training increases your cardio and builds strength at the same time.

Laser Focus

Improve focus and concentration and increase eye/body coordination

Authentic Muay Thai In Maryland

Kickboxing Is Our Business.

Guys training in Muay Thai Kickboxing

When we say we have an “authentic” Muay Thai Kickboxing program, we don’t mean that we wear Thai clothing, and primarily focus on knees and clinching. Authenticity to us means real skill development. Our students develop the ability to punch, kick, elbow, knee, and clinch – anyone and everyone. If you train at Crazy 88, and then move to Thailand or Holland, or make the switch over to MMA, you can be confident that your skills will stand the test!

Unlike most Mixed Martial Arts schools, Crazy 88 runs its Muay Thai Kickboxing program as a standalone, specialized program. Muay Thai Kickboxing is not viewed as an afterthought to MMA or UFC Fighting. Students train in Muay Thai Kickboxing – utilizing and learning techniques from both the Thai and Dutch styles. Students are encouraged to compete in pure striking events and grow with a student base that has a wide level of different skill levels. We have casual students as well as competitors of all ages and all skill levels.

Need to Gain Skills Fast?

Personal Muay Thai Training Available

Private Muay Thai training is available. If you are under a strict schedule or would just like to supplement your group classes, personal lessons are a great option.

Our trainers will provide a customized session for you – that will match your experience and fitness level. These lessons are popular for busy executives, children who aren’t ready for the adult classes, as well as those with special concerns such as religious or health restrictions.

Meet your goals head-on with best-in-class personal Muay Thai training at Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts.

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The Right Team & Instructors

Your winning record starts at Crazy 88.

Members of the Crazy 88 Muay Thai Competition Team are trained to compete in all levels of competition. We start with local smoker fights, guide you to amateur shows, and train you for international and professional events. Our ultimate goal is to see our most promising students fight in the top international events such as in the legendary Bangkok stadiums or in the famed Glory and Lionfight promotions.

Those wishing to take their Muay Thai training to the next level will enjoy the variety of complex combinations, clinch techniques, and live sparring sessions. Students will learn various offensive, defensive, and counter attack techniques. These techniques may be applied during live sparring sessions.

Competition-oriented students will also have the assurance of working with trainers who have experience at the highest level of the sport. Our trainers have coached and cornered in almost every major event – from Bangkok to Glory to Lion Fight to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Man with arm held high, after winning a pro muay thai bout
Two men training muay thai

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Rave Reviews from Other Muay Thai Kickboxing Students

“The instructors are really good, and all the people are friendly.”
Michelle H.
Maryland BJJ competitor Michelle Ho becomes the champion
“I’ve gotten more visibly in shape. I’ve lost some weight. I’ve toned up a lot more and I’ve also gained the self confidence that you can only gain here because the coaches push you. ”
Christine G.
Christine Guerra
“The instructors are really trying hard to make sure you’re learning a skill, and that’s what I love. I really feel like I’m paying for something that’s going to stay with me for life. ”
Rudy P.
Rudy P.
“This gym is hungry to make good fighters and have people with good character. I am proud to say I train at the Crazy 88 and can’t wait to improve my skills. ”
Milton C.
Milton C
You can't win if you don't train. Get started!