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Sooner or later, you just have to try Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts training for yourself!

To make it easy, take a 7 Day Free Trial membership on us – you don’t have to pay us a dime. That’s some of the very best martial arts training available anywhere, all with no obligation or cost to you. Just fill out the form to get started.

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If you can’t find a class you want or have any questions, please call (443) 860‑0904


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I agreeing to a contract when I take the Free Trial?

Nope! You are under no obligation when you sign up for the Trial.

Why do you guys offer a Free Trial?

Because we’re really confident in our program 🙂 and there’s no better way of getting you, the prospective student, to try something than by making it free.

The Free Trial empowers you to make an informed decision – You’ll interact with the other students, talk to the instructors, and examine the actual gym (instead of just a website).

How long is the 7-Day Free Trial?

The Free Trial allows you attend the appropriate skill-level classes for 6 more days after your first Complimentary class.  For example, if your first class on Monday, September 1st, you would have access until Sunday, September 7th.

How much does it cost after the Trial?

Our programs start at $100 and move up to $400+ a month with most of our students investing around $150-$200/monthly. When you come in for your Trial, you and a staff member will sit down and work out a plan that helps you achieve what you want and works within your schedule and budget.

Do you guys do contracts?

We offer both long-term programs as well as ‘blocks’ of classes to our students.

What equipment do I need for the trial?

For Kids Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and No-Gi classes. we will provide a gi or rashguard / shorts for your first class. For striking classes, please bring comfortable workout clothes and 16 oz boxing gloves! We will have gloves & handwraps available for purchase on site if you prefer to purchase from us.

Will I have to spar or fight during my Free Trial?

Nope! You will never be forced to spar or fight at Crazy 88 if you don’t want to.

Do I need to be in-shape or have experience to get the most out of my Free Trial?

No. The Free Trial is intended to give you a sample of what you’ll be getting as a member at Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts. Because we have classes for beginners as well as professionals, you do not need any experience or be in shape in order to get started.

I want to do MMA. When are the MMA classes?

Crazy 88 students train in both grappling and striking arts separately prior to combining them together for Mixed Martial Arts competition.

Once the coaches assess adequate skill levels and a high degree of fitness, you will be invited into the MMA training sessions. If you have significant experience, please reach out directly to the coaches.