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Baltimore Maryland Mixed Martial Arts Gyms


Located throughout the Baltimore area, Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts is one of the East Coast’s most credentialed martial arts programs. We train all skill levels and all ages in the most effective martial arts systems in the world.

For over a decade, Crazy 88 has specialized in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Our training programs are the perfect fit for those seeking fitness, self-defense, competition, or a combination of all three.

Whether you want to just learn realistic Martial Arts, or become the world’s best, train at Crazy 88 alongside people with world-class credentials in an environment proven to produce real expertise. Read more about why we exist and our core values here.

Whether You’re an Enlightened Parent, Total Beginner or Advanced Pro, We’ve Got You Covered

martial arts for adults at Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts


Design a custom program that aligns with your personal goals, pace and lifestyle while receiving individualized attention.

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Kids and Family martial arts training


Give your kids the gift of self-esteem without giving them a false sense of confidence with instruction in effective self-defense.

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Competition martial arts training in Baltimore Maryland


Train alongside people with world-class MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai credentials in a school proven to produce Winners.

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What’s the Difference between Crazy 88 and other Baltimore Martial Arts Schools?

Other Martial Arts Schools


Per Month
  • Learn from part-time average instructors with no real experience.
  • Brag about their instructor or their ancient founder’s accomplishments.
  • No structured ranking system or detailed curriculum according to level of experience.
  • Non-English speaking instructors.
  • Train and spar with low ranked students who offer misguided advice.
  • Immature training programs, treated as an afterthought just to enroll more casual students.

Crazy 88 Mixed Martial ArtsMost Popular


Per Month
  • World Class Instruction with proven training systems.
  • Student-centered approach. We focus on our students’ accomplishments.
  • Organized ranking system providing a specialized curriculum for all levels.
  • Professional instructors / educators who can speak and explain clearly.
  • Spar with beginners and advanced alike. Our students range from White belts looking to get in shape to Black Belt Competitors.
  • Fully developed Grappling, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts programs that can stand alone or together.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Find Another Local MMA School with Comparable Credentials and Facility and We’ll Pay Your Way to Go There. YES REALLY!


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Friendly Baltimore Maryland Martial Arts Instructor

Our Instructors are So Friendly, Even Your Grandmother Would Approve

Crazy 88 has a zero meathead tolerance policy. We work hard to foster a friendly, professional, and ego-free training environment that promotes mutual learning and accomplishment. There’s no room on our mats for students (or instructors) who have a chip on their shoulder or attitude problems. If you have something to prove to anyone other than yourself, this is not for you.

Each instructor at Crazy 88 has put in a minimum of 5 years into understanding and mastering their particular martial art. In addition, all our instructors participate in ongoing training as they continue to learn and improve themselves. All of them of have competed in their field. They know what works and they’re eager to help you learn it.

Probably the thing you’ll enjoy the most is that the teaching style of our staff is friendly and supportive. You can expect great rapport with our instructors as well as rely on them to be accessible when needed. Many of our members comment on how our training environment really helped them overcome hurdles in their own personal martial arts training because of how effective and available are instructors are. Learn more about our professional coaching staff.

Baltimore Maryland Martial Arts Guarantee

Tye Ryan Murphy - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion

Forget Theory… Our Stuff Actually Works!

Martial arts training must be relevant for the time and environment we live in today. Throughout history, fighting styles have been created and refined by real-world engagements where techniques either succeeded or failed in actual combat.

In the same way, modern-day Martial Arts techniques are constantly tested in the unforgiving crucible of real world competitions.

Because our school actively participates in training competitors, we must learn what works against the world’s best fighters – and how to to pass on that knowledge effectively. Our students develop the ability to defend themselves against experienced trained opponents – not just unskilled street thugs and schoolyard bullies. As a result, our students gain mastery of the most effective fighting techniques available anywhere.

Crazy 88 students can be found competing and winning in three major competitive arenas: Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Crazy 88 Locations Throughout Maryland

Crazy 88 – Howard County

Elkridge Maryland Martial Arts School
(443) 283-1450

Crazy 88 Elkridge is our flagship location and is a 15,000 square foot full-service Mixed Martial Arts gym. Learn the art of self-defense for the real world. Inherit more confidence and courage. Learn more.

Crazy 88 – Baltimore County

Owings Mills Maryland Martial Arts School
(410) 999-1064

Crazy 88 Owings Mills is our newest location and is a 3000 square foot full-service Mixed Martial Arts gym. Lose weight and burn body fat. Get into the best shape of your life. Learn more.

Over 500 Happy Students and Counting

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Professional Training and Expertise

Being an Olympic athlete, it is very hard to impress me and I can say that Crazy 88 blows my mind every time I walk through the door. The classes are so good that I use Crazy 88 personally to mix up my workouts during my Olympic training.

– Nick Delpopolo, 2012 US Olympic Team – Judo



Women Friendly

This has been a lifesaver! I didn’t think I’d find a place where I could learn MMA and be taken seriously as a female. Great friends, great training. Overall best place in Baltimore to train.

– Sheri, Baltimore Museum of Art



More than Just Martial Arts

I wanted something else for me. I felt that Crazy 88 would get me active. It would help me learn martial arts and self-defense but I definitely learned a lot more than I was even expecting.

– Ivor, High School Principal


See more student’s success stories here.

Crazy 88 Coaches & Students Can Be Found Winning At These Prestigious Events

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