Hi, my name is Khalil Smith and I’m currently in school to become an interior designer.

Well, of course, my hobbies are training predominantly. However, when I’m not at the gym I like to spend time with family or with my close friends.

I’m training with Crazy 88 for about a year. I noticed from my training, I would have to say, I have better moves and, of course, my physique is starting to look strong.

What sets Crazy 88 apart from other gyms, I would have to say, is the warm, welcoming, inviting atmosphere along with the diversity. And we can’t forget about the idea of watching regular, everyday people turning into real fighters.

While on my martial arts journey, the accomplishments I have had this far are my first ever Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition. I had the honor to place second. Also, I have competed in two smoker fights in approximately three months.

My long term goals for myself are to become a world class MMA fighter able to compete in the pro and world class level.

Here at Crazy 88 you don’t need any experience at all. The environment is very warming and welcoming. All of the instructors are very friendly. They allow you to get comfortable, and anyone can reach a higher skill level here.

I’d like to say thank you to all of my instructors who’ve helped me stay disciplined along on my journey along with my parents and family and friends who helped me make it to practice.