Crazy 88 hammered out another successful 2018 IBJJF DC Summer in the books. On September 9th at the Prince George’s Sport & Learning Complex in Hyattsville, Maryland, IBJJF returned for its second annual Washington D.C. Summer International Open Gi & No Gi IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Under its affiliate school Team Lloyd Irvin, Crazy 88 received the second place team trophy in Gi and third place team trophy in No Gi.

Maryland BJJ gym Crazy 88 competes against local schools at IBJJF DC Open Successful 2018 IBJJF DC Summer In The Books

Crazy 88 competitors at the IBJJF DC Summer Open

Gi Results

Tim Spriggs submitted two opponents to win Gold in the Black Belt Heavy Division. He beat both opponents with chokes from the back. Spriggs won his first match in the Black Belt Open Class with an advantage on the feet and closed out the division with teammate Mahamed Aly.

Byung Ju Lee won 4 matches to take Gold in the Purple Belt Middle Division at the DC Open. He won his first match by arm bar. Ju Lee beat his second and third opponents on points and the Finals by an advantage. Ju Lee entered the Purple Belt Open Class and brought home a Bronze medal after winning his first match 6-0.

Blue Belts

Leah Mays bumped up a weight class to win Gold in the Blue Belt Heavy Division at the DC Summer Open. She won three matches. Mays choked out her first oppoent, won her second by judge’s decision, and won the Finals by advantages. Mays also brought home a Bronze medal in the Blue Belt Open Division. She won the first match with a closed guard arm bar and lost the second match by an advantage.

Warren Lockhart submitted two opponents, the first by arm bar and the second by triangle, to win his first Gold at an IBJJF tournament in the Blue Belt Masters 2 Middle Division.

Michelle Ho took the Bronze medal in the Blue Belt Feather Division. She tapped her first opponent after a guard pass in her first match and lost 2-4 in the Semi-Finals.

Matt Hicks competed in the Blue Belt Feather Division and also took Bronze. Hicks won his first match 4-0 and choked out his opponent in the second match. He lost by an advantage in the Semi-Finals.

Brett Barkley brought home a Bronze medal in the Blue Belt Heavy Division. He won his first match 5-2 and lost his second 1-3 on advantages.

Jeremy Collins won a Silver medal in the Blue Belt Ultra-Heavy Division. He won his first with an advantage for a near take down and lost in the Finals.

White Belts

Crazy 88 had two Adult White Belt champions at the DC Open. Felipe Moreno used his strong wrestling base to win 3 matches on points in the White Belt Heavy Division.

Khali Hider expressed his favela style to pass his opponents in two matches in the White Belt Light Feather Division.

James Smith won his first match 9-2 and his second match with an arm bar submission. He brought home a Silver medal in the White Belt Master 1 Light Division.

John Aaron Shannon Dixon beat his first opponent with a submission and won a wild second match 10-9. He also brought home a Silver medal in the White Belt Adult Light Division.

John Bender, Bruce FS, and white belts Ashar, Carlos, Lynn, Anton, and Kevin competed at this event.

No Gi Results

From Crazy 88, three competitors competed in No Gi. With nearly the last match of the day, Byung Ju Lee won the No Gi Adult Purple Belt Open Class. He took Bronze in the Middle Purple Belt Division. He had three matches in the Open Class. Ju Lee won his first match on points 4-0, submitted his second opponent with an arm bar, and won with 2 advantages in the No Gi Purple Belt Open Class. He came home with two Gold and two Bronze medals from four divisions at the DC Open.

Matt Mendes took Silver in the No Gi Blue Belt Light Division. He had two matches. Mendes submitted his first opponent with a kimura and lost on points in the Finals. Meghan Sirico and Brett Barkley also competed in No Gi.

And across the world in Tokyo, Japan …

Asian IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Randolph Bazile “Black Magic” had a successful run at the IBJJF Asian Open. He won Gold in the Masters 3 Brown Belt Middleweight Division and Silver in the Masters 3 Brown Belt Open Class. His record was 5-1 for the day. Congratulations on a great performance.