You’ll avoid

Meatheads (we do have some reformed Meatheads though; they look scary but are pretty nice respectful guys)

Ringworm, staph, and other gross stuff you can get from not having a professional cleaning staff.

You’ll avoid having to switch schools later after reaching a higher level.

You’ll avoid bad service. you can always call and we’ll have someone available to answer your questions.

You avoid bad equipment and cheap facilities. I know so-called “world class” gyms that have their students punch and kick on astro-turf – guess what that does to knees?

You’ll avoid Ametuerish unquified coaches. The average mma coach is a guy who trained casually for 1-2 years and is now teaching for friday night’s bar tab. What this leads to is a superficial understanding of the art and bad habits for the students.

You’ll avoid directionless training. We have a set system of training and competitions and curriculums that will get you where you want to go. No guessing.

You’ll avoid being limited by schedule. You can live your life, work off-hours, and still be able to train due to our schedule which has classes at 6:30 AM all the way to 11:00 PM. (We also have 3 locations so you can train thoughout Maryland)

You’ll avoid unneccssary injires. See the previous 2

You’ll avoid losing. We lose too (but a lot less than everyone else around us) 😉

– Julius