Monica's review of Baltimore BJJ school, Crazy 88 BJJ

Monica’s review of Baltimore BJJ school, Crazy 88 BJJ

My name is Monica Barlow, I am 22 years old and just recently graduated college. I started training at Crazy 88 about three months ago because a friend and I were bored with the idea of the gym and we wanted to exercise and also gain the useful knowledge of self-defense. In addition, at the gym I would do the same work out every time and limit myself to the very few machines I knew how to operate, so I wasn’t even getting a real full body workout. After my first week of training, I would come home with aches I’ve never felt before, but this was compelling to me because I knew I was finally getting a full body workout.

When I started training I was a nervous wreck and I never wanted to go alone. If my friend couldn’t make a class, I wouldn’t go to class. Now I am training everyday and and have made so many friends at the school that I don’t even check to see who is going to class each day because I know that I will see tons of people I know and am friends with.I never thought my experience could be this great, but it is and I love every minute of it.

The instructors at 88 are highly educated and always willing to help. The instructors and members of the school have become like a second family to me. Some days I don’t feel like training, but the people are enough to motivate me to come in. I love seeing the same people everyday in class and getting to work with them regularly. Everyone is so nice and is always willing to help. They not only work for their own goals, but also work to help you meet yours. When I first visited Crazy 88, I saw the case of medals and really didn’t pay attention to it because I didn’t know how much of a competitive sport this was and I did not foresee myself competing, but I was very wrong. In just three months, the instructors and students have taught me enough to be able to compete and take silver at an international tournament. I never would have thought I could have done that, but the instructors at Crazy 88 know what they’re doing and can work with you to make your goals a reality.

Crazy 88 is a very well organized, clean, and welcoming school and I could not imagine myself anywhere else. I would seriously recommend 88 to anyone who is interested in changing themselves physically or mentally for the better. This school has improved not only my physical stamina, but also me as a person. I am more motivated, self-disciplined, and gained a way higher level of confidence. I feel not only more confident in rolling in the room, but in day to day life. It’s a great and welcoming environment so come and give it a try!

Thanks Crazy 88!!

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I'd Rather Be Choking You Out!

I’d Rather Be Choking You Out!