My name is Ricardo Mixco. I’m 23 years old. I currently work at a company called G.D.I.T. I do a lot of help desk work there for them. I’m 5’6. When I first started training, I came here, weighed around 155/160 pounds, and now I walk around 140 pounds, so I did lose a lot of weight. I did get in shape, which was my goal.

0:24 – It’s a big stress reliever. If you have a lot of stuff going on, you kind of just come into the gym and just punch pads, kick pads, and that’s what keeps me going.

0:34 – I do compete in Muay Thai. I’ve had about maybe seven or eight fights, five of them amateur fights and three of them smoker fights. I’m currently 5-0 so I’m going to be looking to keep that going and increase my record, keep that undefeated streak going, and hopefully go pro within the next year or so, whenever the team thinks I’m ready.

1:01 – One of my biggest accomplishments since I started training so far has been winning the W.K.A. Nationals tournament. I’ve been training hard for that, and I had three fights that weekend. It was a lot, but I got it done. I feel like if you put your mind to something, you can get anything done.

1:18 – My teammates at Crazy 88 are very friendly. There’s never no ego. There’s no egos here. There’s nobody ever really trying to pull you. It’s just a big team, a big family. Everybody likes each other. We talk to each other. We laugh with each other. We train. So it’s a very good team and it’s a very good school to be at.

1:40 – People that think that this is just a Brazilian jiu jitsu school shouldn’t just jump to conclusions. They should come check it out and see what we have to offer here at Crazy 88 because it’s really a lot more than that. There’s different things that we do here. It’s not just training to fight. You can train to get in shape, lose weight, or reach goals that you have.

2:02 – Prior to training at Crazy 88, I had no experience at all. I always wanted to get into boxing or some type of martial arts, but I never really followed through with it, but then when I did, I feel like I found what I really wanted to do and I love it.