Guides & PDFs

Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit has everything you need to know about how the Programs at Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts work and how they could work for you and your family.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Tuition Guide – How Much Does Training at Crazy 88 Cost?
  • 6 Common -But Easily Avoidable- Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Martial Arts School
  • Six Costly Martial Arts Misconceptions that Parents Mistakenly Believe
  • FOR COMPETITORS – The Dirty Secret that Baltimore-area MMA and Jiu-Jitsu Schools Don’t Want You To Know


PDF: 9 Ways to Stop a Bully

Is your child struggling in school from bullying? Learn 9 strategies to deal with bullies – proven techniques to help you understand and deal with the issue instead of avoiding it altogether.

Learn valuable information such as:

  • What a bully really wants.
  • How to use humor to combat bullying.
  • When to walk away vs when to reason with a bully.
  • How to be confident in the face of intimidation.
  • When all else fails, how to stand up to a bully.


PDF: Competition Training Scorecard

Finding the right gym to help you meet your competition goals is no easy task. With so many out there to choose from, how do you make sure you are training at the one that is right for you?

Whether you’re a beginner looking for the best competition-oriented training environment possible or an experienced athlete who is considering a change, take our short quiz to see how your current training environment measures up in key areas.