Achieve Your Potential with a Proven Training Methodology

Our Program Consist of 4 Aspects

FE + CF +MP + CB

First Class Experience™

The First Class Experience consists of the Individual Assessment and is your first taste of the training program we offer at Crazy 88. We offer a Free Trial period for potential clients to come and experience the benefits of our program.

Confidence Formula™

The Confidence Formula is our methodology for developing self-confidence in our students.  It includes our self-defense template based on realistic martial arts, functional fitness, and improved motivation.

While a few people start the program with high self-confidence, many more need the proper guidance and environment.  We believe that actual self-confidence is a result of noticeable successes in one’s life – so we work to help clients achieve those accomplishments first.

Mastery Process™

The Mastery Process is for students who are seeking advanced knowledge and skill development in the martial arts. There is additional emphasis on how to learn and how to train.

For those of you who are familiar with the 10,000 Hours Rule (made popular by Malcolm Gladwell), this is where you will be getting started on Deliberate Practice.

Champion Builder™

Any students with high competitive aspirations have the option of being involved in this program.

The emphasis here is on improving performance and building the mindset, body, social circumstances and technical skills that will lead to success.

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Our Starter Kit has everything you need to know about how the Programs at Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts work and how they could work for you and your family.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Tuition Guide – How Much Does Training at Crazy 88 Cost?
  • 6 Common -But Easily Avoidable- Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Martial Arts School
  • Six Costly Martial Arts Misconceptions that Parents Mistakenly Believe
  • FOR COMPETITORS – The Dirty Secret that Baltimore-area MMA and Jiu-Jitsu Schools Don’t Want You To Know

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