Baltimore BJJ school Crazy 88 wins matches at 2018 New York Summer Pro

9 Gold Medalists for Team Crazy 88

New York Pro, New Season for Crazy 88

IBJJF held its normally scheduled fall New York Pro in the summer this year. With money on the line, Crazy 88 traveled with 17 competitors. Overall, it was a typical New York Pro in Harlem, but it marked the new season for Crazy 88 competitors.

The standouts of the event included:

  • Masters competitor Lakita Patterson won her first adult Purple Belt Middle Gold medal
  • 5 Blue Belts took Gold with an overall winning record of 15-1
  • White Belts Lindsey Barry and Jordan Welch both won their first Golds at an IBJJF tournament

A break down of the matches:

Brown Belt

Vannessa Griffin won her first match 7-0 and her second match 2-0. She beat her Finals opponent with a choke to take Gold in the Brown Belt Light Division.

Purple Belts

Lakita Patterson competed in the adult Purple Belt Middle Division and choked out her first opponent. She won two matches overall to win the Gold medal.

Fighting up a weight class, Amanda Riggs won her first match by judge’s decision in the adult Purple Belt Light Division. She won her second match 4-0 on points. Riggs took home the Silver medal.

Kayla Dehm competed at her first tournament since winning the 2018 World Championships and being promoted to Purple Belt. She won her first match with a wrist lock. Dehm took the Silver medal in the Purple Belt Medium Heavy Division losing in the Finals by one penalty point.

Blue Belts

Olivia Obodoagha dominated her first opponent finishing with a keylock submission after an 8-0 lead in the first round. She beat her second opponent with a 5-0 lead to win Gold in the Blue Belt Super Heavy Division. In the Blue Belt Open Class, Obodoagha won her first match by an advantage, her second match by opponent injury, and the Semi-Finals match 3-0. She took the Silver medal losing in the Finals by judge’s decision.

Leah Mayes beat her first opponent with a bread cutter submission. Mayes submitted her opponent with a bow and arrow choke in the Finals after securing a 13-0 lead in the Blue Belt Medium Heavy Division to take home the Gold medal. Mayes won her first match in the Blue Belt Open Class by submission and choked out her second opponent. She left with a Bronze medal losing by judge’s decision.

Jeremy Collins won his Gold beating his first and only opponent with a choke in the Blue Belt Super Heavy Division. Collins won his first match in the Blue Belt Open Class by a guard pass 3-0. He submitted his second open opponent and took home Bronze overall.

Navarro Chamberlain won his first match 15-5 and beat his second opponent with a last minute guard pass to win Gold in the Blue Belt Super Heavy Division.

Michelle Ho beat her first opponent with a bow and arrow choke and won her second match on points 9-2. Ho dominated the Semi-Finals with a 12-5 point lead. She won the Finals match 8-2 in the Blue Belt Feather Division.

Monica Barlow won her first match 7-2 and wrist locked her second opponent. She won her Semi-Finals match 2-2 with 2-0 advantages in the adult Blue Belt Light Division. She secured the Silver medal for the day.

White Belts

Lindsey Barry won her first IBJJF tournament. She made the cut to the White Belt Middle Division and won her first match 2-0, her second 4-0, and the Finals 2-0 for the Gold.

Jordan Welch’s first opponent was disqualified by no-show. She then won the Semi-Finals match 14-0 and submited her opponent in the Finals to win her first IBJJF Gold in the White Belt Feather Division.

Byung Ju Lee, Chris Tran, Warren Lockhart, Ashar Nadeem, and Mark Banks also competed at this tournament.