0:10 – My name is Jenna Gramalini. I am in the Air Force. I’m a linguist, been doing that for about 3 years. I wish I could stay here longer; if I was going to be, you know if the military wasn’t going to be transferring me, I would. And, overall, my experience here was, it was great. It’s top notch training, in my opinion. You know, I can compare that, I had very excellent training also in Taekwondo and so I base pretty much everything off of that and this is right up there if not even better than what I received formally.

0:47 – To me, Taekwondo, it was a good base for me to start with, but I felt like it wasn’t…it was kind of lacking in practicality for me. It has it’s practical aspects, in my opinion. But, I wanted to just become more well-rounded of a martial artist. So, I decided to branch out and learn a couple of new styles.

1:12 – I think a lot of people, maybe just feel kind of intimidated a little a bit, when they walk into a gym and they everybody, you know, training real hard and everything. And maybe, at least people that I’ve talked to, they said like ‘oh, I”m too old. You know, I can’t start. You know, I’m 30 some odd years old, you know, it’s too late for me now’. And I tell them, you know, it’s really, you can start whenever, you know. It’s one of those things that you can easily, you just pick up, as long as you’re consistent and this and that.

1:45 – I think people just see martial arts as something, not your ordinary sport. It has boosted my confidence exponentially for the last 7 years and I continue to do it not just for the sport, not just for, you know, the fitness of it, but for that mental aspect of it because it does make me feel confident. Like I can take care of myself and, you know, other people if I’m in a dangerous situation. You know, I would tell her ‘go for it’, you know, and don’t feel intimidated. You know, you can go as far as you want to go, basically.