Isaac Rodriguez: My name’s Isaac Rodriguez. I started training about five years ago, off and on for about a year, just got back into it a couple months ago. I try to come when I can. Actually, I’m an auto mechanic by trade, work five days a week and try to train whenever I can fit it in.

I go racing. I love drag racing, road racing stuff, so that’s the other side of my life other than this.

I would like to achieve a goal in the near future of eventually working to a blue belt and compete in either a NAGA or other type of grappling tournament or event. Last gym was a little bit more MMA oriented. This one is focused a little bit more on Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, which I love more Jiu Jitsu than most of the other martial arts out right now.

The environment is very friendly, very open, open arms to welcome you in and start training. Everybody’s very eager to help train and get you in the right direction.

Q: You know, there’s lot of different gyms in the area. What made you choose Crazy 88 to come to?

Isaac Rodriguez: The people are friendly. It’s in a good area from where I live, so it’s not too far, either, for me, so that helps. The schedule is great. I love the schedule. I can come pretty much any time I want to after work. It’s very blue-collar worker friendly for coming to train, and they’re also open on the weekends sometimes, also, whenever they’re not out doing tournaments and such.

[Coach] Jon is great. He’s got a lot of insight and technique into Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. He’s a very good instructor, very positive. He tells you to just keep working at it and hard work is going to earn you your good technique, you just got to keep working at it, and to not give up, even though sometimes, it’s frustrating, just keep working at it, and you’ll get there.