Fight 2 Win 82 returned to the UMBC Event Center in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 28th for another showdown! Crazy 88 had 8 fighters on the card and filled a quarter of the stadium with teammates, friends, and family.

crazy 88 flights at F2w 82 in baltimore

Crazy 88 teammates supporting fellow fighters at F2W 82

Blue Belts

Meghan Sirico came out with a bang! She jumped on her opponent to win with a 13-second arm bar. She won the #2 spot for best submissions of the night. Catch her arm bar finish here.

Juvenile blue belt Brian Anderson won his match by decision. Anderson pulled quickly into closed guard. He was unable to get the submission, but spent his time working on various attacks, including an arm lock attempt, to win him the judge’s favor.

Purple Belts

Byung Ju Lee played his typical guard game with lasso, entaglements, and quick grip transitions. He had a near finish from the omoplata position. Ju Lee won by referee’s decision. Check out his omoplata in this clip.

Kayla Dehm lost her match on judge’s decision. She had fought her opponent roughly two years before in the heavy weight division when they both were blue belts. Dehm’s opponent played a guard game and put Dehm in a near arm bar, which won the judge’s favor under the F2W rule set. Dehm passed her opponent’s guard three times.

John Johnson positionally dominated his opponent to win by decision. Johnson pulled to closed guard and hit a flower sweep to get on top. He passed the half guard and mounted his opponent. Johnson worked the mouse trap system but was unable to finish the submission.

Brown Belt and Headline Event

Chris Tran won his match by decision. He utilized his collar-sleeve game to attack omoplatas. Tran used the position to sweep and pass the guard with a leg drag then jumped on a knee bar from top. He rolled on a toe hold, attacking submission attempts one right after another to win the match decision.

Vanessa Griffin lost a decision. Both girls played their standup games for most of the match, each jockeying for dominant grips and attempting various throws. Griffin’s opponent pulled in the last minute and swept to win the decision. Griffin suffered a concussion in the process of a throw attempt earlier in the match.

In the final battle of the evening, Tim Spriggs fought Matt Leighton in the headline Black Belt match. Spriggs won the match on split judge’s decision. This VHTS ninja worked his passing game in the 8-minute match. Leighton pulled immediately and Spriggs blitzed him with dynamic movements, ending up in a north-south position passed the guard within the first minute. Leighton recovered and tied Spriggs up in worm guard. Both opponents utilized a back and forth for the rest of the match. Spriggs was successful in shutting down Leighton’s guard attacks, earning him the victory.


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