This is going to be a little flyer, I am going to start giving to students who come in for the closing presentation but do not sign up.

*** prelim ***


1. It will save you money.

Crazy 88 has never lowered its prices – in fact, the opposite is true. Our tuition has increased approximately 29% every year. Despite the increase in tuition, our enrollment has not decreased. In fact, we have doubled our student base every year. Why?

The advantage in resources has given Crazy 88 the opportunity to offer MORE to YOU, the student – an expanded class schedule, more seminars, more World-class guest instructors, along with more space, tournament sponsorships, and better equipment. We offer a PREMIUM program and so our tuition corresponds accordingly.

2. It is the most VALUE-PACKED program.

Crazy 88 is the #1 Competitive grappling school in the Baltimore area. I urge you to go research the result listings from the tournaments from the last four years. You will find that we have an unmatched Competition pedigree.

Secondly, Team Lloyd Irvin is the #1 Mixed Martial Arts program in the Mid-Atlantic. It is the only team to place students in the HIGHEST level of Mixed Martial Arts, the HIGHEST level of No-Gi Grappling (ADCC), and the HIGHEST level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (CBJJ Mundial).

If you are looking to train under a PROVEN system that works at the ELITE level, then this is the place for you.

3. In the long run, you will get MORE for your Money.

True story. A few months ago (late 2008), I had a 4-stripe Blue Belt visit from another school. 4-stripes means that the next promotion would be to Purple Belt. This guy had been training for FIVE years. He recently had been beaten in competitiont by one of my students who had been training just over 12 months. The training sessions did not go any better than the tournament had – the more experienced White Belts were all over him – their transitions were better and their conditioning was better.

Now there are a lot of reasons this could be… most likely, all Crazy 88 students, whether they compete or not, train with competitors. This inevitably raises their expectations and awareness – they expect to roll against a tough opponent. Maybe the guy wasn’t a good athlete, etc.

Now the part that gets me about this story is that he did not sign up at my school. He said it was “too expensive” because it was THIRTY dollars more per month than his current school. This is a guy who bought the latest BJJ video series, flew to California for BJJ camps, and essentially had been putting up his TIME and MONEY for 5 years to become Good at Jiu-Jitsu – but he was unwilling to pay an extra $30 a month.

Will the training regimen you are currently under allow you to reach your goals and how fast? How much is it worth for you to get the BEST training that will help you improve in the SHORTEST amount of time?

4. Crazy 88 operates on a quality over quantity model.

Rolex has increased it’s prices every year, yet remains the #1 luxury watch brand in the world – why? Simply put, it backs up

In this business, successful programs operate either through volume (more students at a lower rate) or quality (less students at a higher rate). It is up to you to decide which you prefer.