TYe Ryan Murphy and Leah Mayes win the absolute division for cash

Crazy 88 Wins First Team Trophy at IBJJF NY Pro

Competitors from both Crazy 88 locations excelled at the IBJJF New York PRO on November 19, 2017.  With approximately 20 participants, we weren’t the biggest team but we had to have been the best.  Making it even better, the NY PRO is an annual Jiu-Jitsu competition that awards cash prizes to the Open Class winners – so many of our teammates left the event with extra cash in hand!

To top it off, the 2017 NY PRO tournament marked the first time that Crazy 88, in affiliation with Team Lloyd Irvin and Ivey League Mix Martial Arts, won the 1st place team trophy. Combined, the team secured more than double the points of the third place team.

The standouts of the event included…

  • Coach Tye Murphy won Gold in the Black Belt Master 1 Open Class (and collected $1000).
  • Leah Mays won Gold in both her weight class and the Blue Belt Open Class (collected $400).
  • Jon Delbrugge won Gold in the Brown Belt division.
  • Eduardo Viana & John Johnson won Gold in the Masters 1 Purple Belt divisions.
  • Jeremy Collins & Michelle Ho also won Gold in the Blue Belt divisions.

A break down of the matches:

Tye Murphy won three matches in the Black Belt Master 1 Open Class with two submissions. In his division, he won the first match with a 19-second submission.

Leah Mayes won two matches in the Blue Belt Medium-Heavy Division to win Gold in her weight class. She later won three matches in the Blue Belt Open Class, beating two world medalists along the way. She brings home her first Double Gold.

Jon Delbrugge won Gold in the Brown Belt Medium-Heavy division after passing every opponents guard. He submitted his first opponent, and won 3-0 with a guard pass in the Semi and Final matches.

Eduardo Viana submitted two opponents, one via arm bar and the second via reverse triangle kimura, to win Gold in the Masters 1 Purple Belt Medium-Heavy division. John Johnson won one match to win Gold in the Master 1 Purple Belt Heavy division.

Michelle Ho won three straight matches to win Gold in the Blue Belt Light Feather division. She won her first match by advantage, and then finished the next two girls by submission. She submitted her second opponent via Americana from the top of half guard and her finals opponent by reverse arm bar.

Jeremy Collins takes Gold in the Blue Belt Super Heavy division winning 3-0.

Naomi Johnson won her first IBJJF tournament in the White Belt Medium-Heavy division. She won three matches on points, without getting scored upon. Her first match was 17-0, second 9-0,  and the finals was 6-0.

Maryland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team Crazy 88 win gold at IBJJF NY Pro

Nine Crazy 88 Students Bring Home Gold Medals

Individual breakthroughs were made by

  • Leah Mays who won her first Open Class alone and defeated two World medalists along the way.
  • Amanda Riggs who medaled in her 1st Purple Belt division after going through physical rehab.
  • Jeremy Collins who won his first Gold medal at the IBJJF Regional level.

Congratulations to all the other medalists as well… Tim Spriggs, Kayla Dehm, Andrew Carter, Tori Kime, Lakita Patterson, and Vannessa Griffin.

Tim Spriggs takes Silver in the Black Belt Heavy division. He choked his first opponent from the back in the QuarterFinals.

Vannessa Griffin takes Bronze in the Medium Heavy weight division, two weight classes up from her regular light weight, and Silver in the Brown Belt Open class. She won her first match by judges decision and submitted her second opponent with a kimura in the Open Class.

Amanda Riggs brings home Silver in the Feather division in her first tournament at Purple Belt. She submitted her first opponent via triangle and second with a kimura.

Lakita Patterson takes Bronze in the Purple Belt Light Weight division. She won her first match with an advantage.

Kayla Dehm secures the Silver medal in the Heavy Blue Belt division. She won her first match 10-0 and her second match via judge’s decision.

Andrew Carter takes the Bronze medal in the Blue Belt Feather division. He won his first match 15-0 and submitted his second opponent with an arm bar. He gets bonus points for for using sequences we’ve been doing in class. Later, Carter took Bronze in the Light Open Blue Belt division.

Tori Kime choked her first opponent from the back in the Blue Belt Feather division. She takes home the Bronze medal.

Full results for all IBJJF New York Pro divisions can be found here.