Crazy 88 Showcases Talent at F2W 70 in Baltimore

Tye Ryan Murphy, Vannessa Griffin, and Byung Ju Lee won their Super Fights at Fight to Win 70 on Friday, April 13, 2018. Fighters displayed their capabilities against local schools at Fight to Win Pro 70 in Baltimore. The event was held in Crazy 88’s backyard at the University of Maryland–Baltimore County Event Center where a roaring crowd of team supporters took over the stadium.

Murphy defeated Colin Stewart of Team Robson Moura by unanimous decision. Representing the 185lbs Black Belt Gi match, Murphy lite the crowd ablaze with his takedowns. Most noteworthy, he hit a huge standing double leg and the infamous trainwreck (popularized by teammate and training partner Tim Spriggs). He truly loves an audience.

Griffin also defeated Maggie Ghamry of Lucas Lepri BJJ. She won by unanimous decision representing the 170lbs Brown Belt Gi match. Griffin fought up two weight classes. As a result, she dominated positions from top and bottom, nearly finishing her opponent with a nasty kimura.

Ju Lee defeated Christian Merino of ML Combatives Academy, also by unanimous decision for the 170lbs Purple Belt Gi match. Ju Lee played his characterized guard style of entanglement. Pictured here, he jumps for the back after suffering a gash to the forehead.

Crazy 88 affiliate Team Lloyd Irvin also had several victories from:

Black belts Jamil Hill and Otavio Nalati, Brown belts Angelo Claiborne and Malachi Edmond, and Purple belts Cory Walker, Rico Staton, and Roya Darvishian.

Crazy 88 Showcases Talent at F2W 70 in Baltimore

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