1 Belt, 3 Submissions, Sub of the Night, & 3 Favorable Decisions for Crazy 88

Crazy 88 Goes Undefeated at Fight to Win Pro 53

Crazy 88 Goes Undefeated at Fight to Win Pro 53

In the Co-Main Event along side teammate DJ Jackson, Crazy 88’s Timothy Spriggs defeats Leonardo Nogueira of team Alliance via referee’s decision at F2W Pro 53 in Frederick, Maryland. All six of Crazy 88 fighters won their matches, three via submission and three by referee’s decision. Overall, Crazy 88 goes undefeated at Fight to Win Pro 53.

Purple Belt

First up was Purple Belt John Johnson, who took the match on one day’s notice. He set the bar high, coming out with a quick take down and wrist lock submission from side control. He won Submission of the Night for the purple belts and brought home that submission cash bonus.

Brown Belts

Next up was Vannessa Griffin fighting in the gi in the female brown belt 165lbs category, a few weight classes up from her regular division at light weight. Showing off her guard skills, she patiently frustrated her opponent with submission attempts from closed guard. Upon switching grips to de la riva near the end of the match, she swept her opponent overhead and transitioned to a quick kimura finish. Watch Griffin’s sweep to submission.

Following in suit, Jon Delbrugge was up in the brown belt 175lbs no gi category. He dominated with a quick double leg and passed his opponents guard with ease. After several submission attempts, he finished with a beautiful brabo choke, also bringing home that cash bonus. Watch here as Delbrugge dissects his opponent in no gi for the win.

Black Belts

Chris Tran was next on deck, fighting up a belt in the 125lbs black belt category from his regular brown belt. His match had quick movements, flying over his opponents guard and transitioning from mount to the back and all over hunting for a submission. He won by referee’s decision. You can catch Tran jumping over the guard in this clip.

Up in the 185lbs black belt gi category was Tye Ryan Murphy. He spent most of the match controlling his opponent in side mount as he passed the guard using a variety of attacks. He also won via referee’s decision. See how Murphy switched up tight and loose passing here.

Finally, Timothy Spriggs was up fighting for the black belt heavyweight title. Spriggs came out with his usual aggressive style. Submission attempts were exchanged and Spriggs ended the match in a foot lock attempt, winning the match–and the title belt–via referee’s decision.

Congratulations to all our Crazy 88 competitors on their performance in Maryland’s first Fight to Win Pro event. We look forward to showcasing more talent at the next one!