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Be part of the only Baltimore-area team to produce International-level Champions in Gi and No Gi.

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From amateurs to professionals, we’ll prepare you for your day in cage.

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Fight in kickboxing events ranging from Muay Thai to Glory-rules.


Baltimore Maryland kickboxer Throwing Punches in a Muay Thai fight

It takes one set of skills to win a fight. It takes a completely separate set of skills to win a championship.

There’s a lot of hype and misinformation that goes around the mental and physical evolution that a student must embrace to become a Professional-caliber competitor – in MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, or Muay Thai. Athletic ability, strength, and martial art skills are certainly at the core, but mental discipline and strategy are the hallmark of champions.

For the competitor, training is an investment and not a cost. When you step into a ring, all you have is your training and your will to fully execute it. The match outcome will determine if your investment paid off. Because of this harsh truth, your training is not something you can afford to take chances with. Mixed Martial Arts gyms might look similar on the outside, but the real test is does it allow you to defeat your opponent?

Crazy 88 is unmatched in its training curriculum in the greater Baltimore area and our record proves it. Our school produces some of the world’s best fighters in the competition circuit today.

If you’ve ever considered considered competing (and WINNING) in Mixed Martial Arts fighting, Muay Thai Kickboxing, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, then you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at our school.


Maryland MMA fighter Aungla with Boxing and Jiu Jitsu Coaches

Crazy 88 is the only Mixed Martial Arts gym to have coached and cornered Fighters in the UFC, OneFc, and Bellator – the top 3 Professional Mixed Martial Arts promotions in the World.

When it comes down to it, aggression, strength and fighting skills are simply not enough to win against opponents who are matched the same. There is a mental game that is just as if not more strategic when going up against any pro-level opponent.

This is the less glorious side of training but in our experience clearly separates average contenders from champions. Our instructors focus on preparing students for everything they will encounter in the ring. We refuse to give any student a false sense of security (or insecurity) by allowing them to overestimate (or underestimate) their skills. When you walk into a match, you are ready because your brothers (and sisters) on the mat made quite sure you are ready.

Preparation at this level is only forged in real-world training environments and actual match simulations with other students and instructors with the same goals as yourself. It is in these precise moments where mere men transform into warriors and warriors into champions.


Baltimore Maryland BJJ Fighter Tye applying Choke

We Are the Only School to Produce World Champions and We Have Done It for Gi and No-Gi – For All Ages

In the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world, there are 4 major tournaments that comprise the “Grand Slam” of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These competitions are:

  • The European Championship
  • The Pan-American
  • The Brazilian Nationals
  • The World Championships

The fighters who come out on top at these tournaments are considered the best of the best. In the Baltimore area, no school has produced a world champion except Crazy 88. Not one other. We get students all the time who have left other training facilities after they realize the ‘World Championship’ promises made by other instructors were run by other, minor organizations. No school except Crazy 88 has even produced a medalist at one of the 4 major tournaments, much less all of them.

If you wanted to learn law, medicine, or even a trade such as plumbing, there are standard certifications your instructors must have. If someone has those certifications, you can at least know they’re qualified in what they’re teaching (even if you can’t tell how good they are).

Unfortunately at this time, the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has no such certifications, leaving charlatans and fakers that prey on potential martial arts students. Students considering training in BJJ must be wary of the programs most martial arts schools offer and make sure that the instructor is actually qualified to teach what they say they can.

Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts: The Numbers

World Championship Medals


Pan Am Medals


Brazilian Nationals Medals


European Medals


** Crazy 88 has also scored 10 medals from the No-Gi World Championships and 6 medals from the No-Gi Pan.

How Do Crazy 88’s Numbers Stack Up to Other Schools?

% of Grand Slam Medals Won by Gym

Crazy 88 Students


All Other Baltimore Gyms Combined


Medals Won By Crazy 88 Students


Medals Won By All Other Baltimore-Area Schools Combined


Rave Reviews from Other Fighters & Champions

Being an Olympic athlete, it is very hard to impress me and I can say that Crazy 88 blows my mind every time I walk through the door. The classes are so good that I use Crazy 88 personally to mix up my workouts during my Olympic training.

Nick Delpopolo2X Olympian - Judo

If you want to be great at something, we have the facilities and we have the personnel that can make your dreams come true as far as martial arts.

Tim SpriggsJiu-Jitsu World Medalist - Black Belt level

I have countless stories of beginning students who I wasn't sure would continue, turning into confident and serious fighters over time. You just cannot know by looking at a person who the next competitor is.

Jon DProfessional MMA Fighter

Why go anywhere else and train with someone not as good as Crazy 88? I’d rather come here and get beat up everyday. That way I know I’m learning and I’m getting better.

John J.Physical Trainer

I’ve been other places where coaches aren’t very diligent at teaching, and a little bit lazy. Crazy 88 is a really good environment. Everybody’s been nice, but at the same time training very seriously.

Byung L.Butcher

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