Christine: My name is Christine Guerra [SP] and I’m an actress and part-time bartender. I came into 88 because I was looking to get back into martial arts and I was Googling gyms in the area and I noticed a lot of good reviews about 88 and it just sparked my interest. So I just called and made an appointment and came in and I’ve been here ever since.

I was a little bit nervous coming here, just because I was very unfamiliar with Jiu-Jitsu and I didn’t know too much about it. And it’s a new gym, and new people and new faces so of course I was going to be a little bit nervous, just because everything about it was new to me. I think the positive atmosphere and how friendly everyone is here sets Crazy 88 apart from other gyms, just because they make you feel welcomed here and they make you feel like you’re part of the family. Coming to a new place and not knowing everyone can be kind of, you know, awkward at first but everyone makes you feel comfortable. The coaches, everyone that comes here, everyone that works here just makes you feel comfortable and like you belong here.

I’ve gotten more visibly in shape, I’ve lost some weight, I’ve toned up a lot more and I’ve also gained self confidence that I guess you can only gain here just because, the coaches push you and I just kept on pursuing the challenges I had to overcome in my martial arts journey and it just made me more confident in myself.

Peter: My name is Peter Petties, I’m one of the instructors here at Crazy 88 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as I’m a professional MMA fighter. Christine’s attitude is awesome. She’s really great to work with, always encouraging others, as well as the instructors. When she first came in she pretty much had that raw talent. When she comes in she’s leaving it all on the mat. You can tell, she’s exhausted at the end of every class, giving 110% at all times.

Christine: If you’re looking to get into Mixed Martial Arts as a career or as a hobby I think this is the place for you because there’s a lot of talent and skill that all the coaches have to offer here. And also if you’re looking just to work out and just try something new I think this is a good place to go to too, because everyone is very friendly here and everyone’s willing to help you accomplish any goals you have during this martial arts journey.