Following on the heels of the IBJJF Atlanta Open the week prior, Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts traveled with    8 competitors and one coach to the 2017 IBJJF Houston Open on February 11-12.

Crazy 88 Purple Belt Vannessa Griffin brought home double gold and Blue Belt Michelle Ho secured gold her in weight class. Not everyone’s goals were achieved, but there was progress all around.

Baltimore BJJ star Vannessa Griffin beats Heavy Weight

Vannessa Griffin wins Double Gold in Purple Belt Division

With only three competitors across all weight classes in the Adult Female Purple Belt Divisions, Vannessa Griffin and moved up to Heavy Weight to get more matches. She submitted her first opponent, from a lighter weight class, via kimura. In the Finals, she beats the heavy weight opponent by an advantage to secure the Gold Medal in the Purple Belt Division.

Vannessa entered the Open Weight Class and submitted one opponent with a cross choke from mount to bring home Double Gold in the Heavy Weight and Open Female Purple Belt Divisions.

Maryland BJJ competitor Michelle Ho becomes the champion

Michelle Ho wins Gold in Blue Belt Light Feather Division

Michelle Ho entered Adult Female Blue Belt Light Feather Division at the IBJJF Houston Open and came home the Gold Medal Champion. She won her first match on points. She continued that dominance winning her second match with an 8-2 lead. She finished off her Finals Match with a 6-0 victory and brought home the Gold Medal. She was crowned the half guard tornado sweeper.

Chris Tran moved up a weight class to the Adult Male Brown Belt Light Feather Division. He won his first match after being up by 8-0 when his opponent was disqualified for reaping. He lost in the Light Feather Finals and brought home the Silver Medal.

Tori Kime also entered the Adult Female Blue Belt Light Feather Division. She won her first match 5-0 with a sweep and a guard pass. She lost her second match on points and secured her place on the podium for the Bronze Medal.

Amanda Riggs fought in the Adult Female Blue Belt Feather Division. After taking Gold the week prior, she looked to repeat her performance but was unable to secure the win in the Semi-Finals match. She won her first match by two advantages and lost the second by 0-0 judges decision. She came home with the Bronze Medal.

Andrew Carter went up a weight class to the Adult Male Blue Belt Light Division. He won his first match by a sweep and a few passes to enter the Quarter-Finals. He was unable to get the win in his next match.

Kayla Dehm and Michael Silverman also competed at the tournament.