As Team Crazy 88 continues it’s summer tournament grind, they flew to Texas to compete in the Dallas International Open on September, 19th and 20th, 2015. Four out of the five competitors competed on Saturday the 19th, while lone soldier, Tori Kime would have to wait until the next day.

First up were blue belts Byung Ju Lee and Brent Moreland. Byung Ju’s first match in the lightweight division was a close match ending in the 50/50. Luckily, he was able to pull off a slim 2-0 win to advance to the next round. He finished his next two rounds quickly with a omoplata lapel choke first, and then a foot lock. Unfortunately, he was unable to secure the win and ended up on the podium at third place after a 4-0 loss in the semi-finals.

Dallas BJJ Byung Lee

Byung Ju Lee went 3-1 and ended up with Bronze in the Blue Belt Lightweight division.

Next, Brent Moreland got the ref’s decision for shooting a late triangle in his first match. After fixing quick mistakes, he was able to get an early triangle and finish the armbar from within in the second round. Unfortunately, the last match in the weight was lost by advantage after a sweep for sweep battle ended 2-2, giving him a Bronze medal in the Blue Belt Medium Heavyweight division.

Dallas BJJ - Brent Moreland

Brent Moreland went 2-1 and ended up with Bronze in the Blue Belt Medium Heavy division.

Up next was Chris Tran, the interim leader of Team Crazy 88. After returning to his natural weight, he pulled off semi and final round wins via kimura after dominating on points. This young man ends up with yet another gold in the Purple Belt Rooster weight division.

Dallas BJJ Open - Shortround

Chris Tran dominated the Purple Belt Rooster division at the Dallas Open.

Last was recently promoted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt, Kayla Dehm. After a disappointing loss in Boston, she was ready for redemption, and she earned it in the first round. Her determination earned her a 16-0 win for her first win at the blue belt level. In the finals, Dehm was not able to secure the win, and she lost 8-4, earning a silver medal in the Super Heavyweight division.

In the Open weight class, she won her first two matches including one with a berimbolo to the mount. In the semi finals, she made a mistake that cost her the match, and even though she lost, she was able to double medal in only her 2nd-ever Blue Belt tournament. 

Dallas BJJ Open - Kayla

“Mean” Dehm took double medals in the Womens Blue Belt division.

On day two, Tori Kime gave it her all, but was unable to pull away with the win. Despite the loss, she gained valuable experience and motivation to compete in the near future. Overall, Team Crazy 88 was able to get a 100% medal rate. Medals or no medals, they all had a great time down in Dallas and learned things that would help them in the future.

Dallas BJJ Open - Team Photo

Crazy 88 Jiu-Jitsu Competition Team ended up with a 100% medal rate at the 2015 Dallas Open