I Came, I Saw, I Conquered: My Titan FC Experience by Peter Petties

Watch Pete’s Backfist KO here…

Titan Fighting Championship, a premier Mixed Martial Arts organization held their 35th production this past weekend September 19th, 2015 in Ridgefield, Washington. The event was streamed live on UFC Fight Pass and headlined by a trio of title fights and UFC veterans looking to make a return to the top promotion in the world. Little did they know that Peter Petties, a 24-year-old flamboyant prospect with a high-pitch voice and a blonde hair streak similar was looking to steal the show.

At just 2-0 and less than a year into my professional Mixed Martial Arts career, I have raised many eyebrows and set expectations sky high. With highlights such as calling a knockout seconds before delivering it, to finishing fights due to my opponent’s uncontrollable vomiting, my name has gathered a great following on the regional scene.

As cool as all this sounds it has done more bad than good for me trying to build my record and get to the big show! With fights being cancelled left and right, and opponents backing out due to “corner issues,” I found myself inactive for seven months. Knowing things will come together eventually I channeled my inner Mr. Miyagi (“Patience young grasshopper”) and continued to train and get better waiting for my opportunity. Early August my patience was rewarded with a surprise four-fight contract to compete in Titan Fighting Championship!

Fast forward through the next eight weeks of training camp, I found myself on a plane to Portland, Oregon. The plane flight flat out sucked, not only do I not enjoy traveling but add in the stressor of cutting down to featherweight (145 pounds), connecting flights, and crying babies, lets just say I definitely looked like the long distant cousin of the Grinch. Shortly after arriving my cornermen and I were shuttled and escorted to our hotel where it was directly to media obligations such as interviews, poster signings, and production for the event. After feeling like a rock star for an hour, I was happy to finally just get to the room and call it a night.

With two days left till showtime, most fighters are walking around 15 to 20 pounds over their fight weight due to a process known as water loading. However, for me it was the opposite. Due to a nightmare that I had in the weeks leading up to the fight that I missed weight, I decided to start my weight cut super early so that I wouldn’t have to stress it being in a foreign place and at a new event. I’ve never missed weight in my life and was not about to with one of my biggest opportunities at my feet. With just 5 pounds left I chose to sweat it out in the sauna and sleep for the most part.

When weigh-ins came, I couldn’t say the same for the rest of the fighters on the card. Multiple fighters weighed in over their limit, including the headliner Pat Healy. This was shocking to me because were talking about seasoned veterans who have been around the sport for years. At weigh-ins my opponent and me step on the scale and weigh the exactly the same (145.5). As we stand opposite from each other and stare into each other’s eyes, he looks away for a second and at that point I knew I had him.

Fight day is finally upon us, hydrated and no longer looked like a refugee I’m feeling good and ready to just get out there. We load into the shuttle to the venue at 1pm and head to the Clark County event center in Ridgefield, Washington. Once at the venue you are just hanging out until fight time. Aside from the plane flight this is the worst part of the experience. While waiting for the fight and broadcast to start you’re their just thinking. Overthinking everything, all the possible outcomes, “what ifs”, Pressure! “I start thinking wow, I’m about to go fight in front on millions of people.” Warming up things are just crazy, I start feeling a little nauseous. Not going lie, I went to the bathroom before my fight at least 20 times. Master Lloyd tells me we’re walking out at 6:03pm, No matter what you are, a seasoned veteran or green novice, everyone gets nervous about competing. The difference between the two that a seasoned veteran has learned how to not let the nerves consume them.

Peter Petties Titan FC walkout

I automatically switched from shy and quiet Peter Petties to cocky, confident fighter known as “The Joker.”

Kriss Kross “Jump”, my walkout music plays and I automatically switch from shy and quiet Peter Petties to cocky, confident fighter known as “The Joker.” Super pumped to be back in the cage after a seven-month layoff and get to do what I love to do. The nerves are gone and the excitement is out of this world. Bell rings and the fight starts, knowing my opponent likes to counter with a lead hook I take my time finding my range and getting his timing down. As the round goes on, I realize he’s getting more discouraged and frustrated by the minute due to the fact he can’t seem to connect with anything. My shots are starting to land more frequent by the second and I see that he’s circling right into one of my favorite techniques. I commit to the move and “BOOM!” Turnaround and couldn’t find him LOL! Realized he was laid up on the cage, through training we are taught to fight until the referee steps in so I pounced on him following up with many unanswered shots to seal the deal.

Columbia MD MMA Fighter Peter Petties at Titan FC

I added another highlight reel finish to my MMA resume.

Another highlight reel knockout had been added to my resume and this time on UFC Fight Pass. In fact it was the only knockout of the night and blew up on twitter, which is cool considering the fact the show was competing with Bellator broadcasting at the same time. Bloody Elbow a MMA website recapped the event saying “Pete Petties pulled off the most entertaining finish of the night, knocking out Ikaika Tampos with spinning back fist.” With everything all said and done I’m excited for the next event and can’t wait to keep riding this wave!

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