2016 WKA Muay Thai Champions Appear at Crazy 88

On September 5th, the Saturday of the Labor Day Weekend, we had our Smoker Fights at Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts in Elkridge, Maryland. We had 9 matches scheduled. They all weighed in and faced off with their respective opponent at 1:00PM, with the fights commenced promptly at 2:00 PM.

Crazy 88 Muay Thai Smoker Fights give students who have the desire to compete a chance to fight in front of a live audience. The hundred plus people in the audience provided the fighters with a real feel for competing under pressure. The matches were fought in a ring much like those in amateur fights, and followed the modified Muay Thai rules and time of such bouts.

Baltimore kickboxer Tristan Scott

Tristan Scott fought in the event as well as took a liberal amount of selfies before and after his bout.

There are three main reasons why we put on these smoker fights.

First, it gives students who want to compete in Muay Thai a feel for fighting in front of a live audience which, can be more frightening than the fight itself. Also, these fights don’t go on your record and give great ring experience for the fighters.

Secondly, it gives the students and the coaches feedback of their strengths and weakness so they can go back and make improvements to their game.

Alex Gambrill (age 28) outboxed his opponent in the first round, resulting in a stoppage, but reflected on his fight after watching the video saying, “I looked real sloppy, but I’m gonna tighten up all that before the next fight.” I am sure Alex and his coaches will be working to get his techniques tightened up before his next fight.

Baltimore Kickboxer Milton Cerezo and Girlfriend

Milton Cerezo, pictured with girlfriend Aiana, had improved greatly since his last kickboxing smoker and his fight was one of the high points of the event.

Finally, it brings different Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA schools together, building a great bond between the fighters and the coaches. We had students from Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts – Owings Mills, Ivey League MMA, Outfox MMA, Sitpayak Muay Thai, and Crazy 88 Elkridge all on this card. Previously, we had students from almost every other legit DMV area kickboxing school compete on cards as well. Together, we can work towards improving the Crazy 88 Thai Kickboxing program as well as the striking programs at the other gyms.

Danielle Marsh, from OutFox MMA and a proud mother of the youngest competitor, happily wrote on her social media, “So amazingly proud of my 15 year old, Erik Marsh. He fought 3 awesome rounds in today’s Muay Thai Smoker. Thank you to David Collin and CJ Huguley for the coaching and mentorship. He’s lucky to have you guys.”

Virginia Beach Muay Thai competitor

Erik Marsh, from Outfox MMA, was the youngest competitor at the Smoker event.

In the last 9 months, we’ve had three smoker fights and the results from the past competitors have been phenomenal. The Smoker Fights veterans went on to not only compete but win the World Kickboxing Association Nationals. Some have fought in the American Muay Thai League, and one even won his first amateur MMA fight a month after his first smoker fight. Another Smoker Fight is already being planned for December. Will you be there?

Baltimore Muay Thai fighters

All the Muay Thai fighters learned a lot and were great sportsmen at the event.

About Crazy 88

Crazy 88 runs Mixed Martial Arts training centers throughout the Baltimore area. They focus on Combat Sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, and Wrestling for both Adults and Children, Beginners to Pros.

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