Tye Murphy faces an Old Nemesis to Medal at the 2015 Pan

Most of the Crazy 88 Competition Team flew out to Irvine, California early in the week to compete in the 2015 Pan American Championships, but Tye Ryan Murphy stayed behind almost all week. Tye Ryan flew out on Friday morning after taking over the Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes in Maryland and preparing the remaining Pan American competitors for battle. When Tye Ryan made it to the venue, he was greeted by the rest of his team. After congratulating the medalists and eating one final meal, it was time to rest and wait for the big day.

2015 IBJJF Pan - Brown Belt - Tye Murphy

Tye Ryan Murphy vs. Lucas “Hulk”

Soon enough, Saturday finally came and Tye Ryan had a fire in his eye, ready to take down all his opponents in the bracket. Tye started the day off defeating a Brown Belt from Relson Gracie. After the dominant points victory, Tye Ryan matched up against Lucas “Hulk” Daniel Silva Barbosa, the same person teammate Tim Spriggs beat in a Copa Podio super fight a few weeks earlier.

These two had faced off before – in the 2013 Purple Belt World Championship. In 2013, Tye had submitted Hulk with a choke in a come-from-behind victory after falling back on points with only 30 seconds left in the match. Making it more poignant, this match occurred in the Quarterfinals – where the winner would receive a World medal and the loser would join the unrecognized multitude. Lucas Hulk came out hard looking for revenge but Tye Ryan weathered the storm. About halfway through the match, Tye began to turn the tide, effectively utilizing his Open Guard, sweeping Hulk and then controlling him from the top to advance to the medal finals.

Tye ended up with the Bronze medal in the Brown Belt Medium Heavy division – making him the 2nd Baltimore-area grappler ever to win a Pan Medal at the Brown Belt level.

2015 IBJJF Pan - Brown Belt Medium Heavy - Tye Podium

Tye Ryan Murphy is the Brown Belt Medium Heavy bronze medalist.

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