Tonight, we did guard passing drills from closed guard. I like closed guard, but had not been focusing on it as much lately. I started out on bottom, and did well initially, against my first few opponents. However, it was an epic battle with a 16 year girl that did me in. At one point, I had her in an omoplata, but she defended well, and eventually escaped. The more we wrestled, the more tired I got. I became more careless as time went on, which allowed her to advance to my half guard. From there, she was able to use steady pressure to eventually pass my guard. It was a beautiful display of technical jiu jitsu, even though I was on the losing end of the exchange. The main thing for me to work on is to do a better job capitalizing on my sweeps. I swept her down at one point, but was too slow in getting up, so she was able to come back on top, meaning I had to start from square one setting up another sweep. It can be quite exhausting to keep setting up sweeps, only to have the person back on top again. This also happened with a few other opponents as well. Sweeping somebody when you’re on the bottom is a good thing, unless you don’t get on top right away after the sweep, in which case, it only serves to deplete your energy reserves.

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