Prior to this evening’s class, I had watched the 1996 ADCC match between Jean Jacques Machado and Caol Uno, and had also listened to Machado explain some of his strategy for the match in a podcast interview with his student Eddie Bravo. In describing his use of the body triangle when taking Uno’s back, Machado inspired me to try to incorporate his approach the next time I took someone’s back. As luck would have it, I managed to take the back of another white belt tonight, and saw my opportunity to try Machado’s move. Once I established the body triangle, I tried to do what Machado did to Uno, and end it quickly with a rear naked choke, but he was resisting too much, so I hipped away and trapped one of his arms with my legs. From there, it was a relatively easy matter of switching to the arm bar. I often find that the arm bar is easier to catch people with from the back, since they are usually so fixated on defending the choke, that they often don’t see the arm bar coming.

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