Tonight, I learned a guard sequence that tied a bunch of things together which I had been doing individually from time to time, but on a haphazard basis. Learning this sequence should accomplish two things for me. For one thing, it should give me a reliable way to avoid the De La Riva leg drag pass without having to invert. For another thing, it should give me a way to systematically get to the 50/50 sweep series, which has been a very reliable technique for me, but only after I get to that position by accident. With this new sequence, it should plug a major hole in my guard game. The only major whole left after that is how to deal with the butterfly cartwheel pass. There is one blue belt that I sparred with tonight that kept passing my guard with it. I start out in open guard, then he stuffs my legs into butterfly guard, but since I’m on my back, and he has such great downward pressure, I get stuck there until he cartwheels over my legs. If I can address these things, and perhaps refine my half guard bottom game, my guard should become much more impervious to passing attempts.

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