Tonight, we worked on a sport guard which seems to be the latest jiu jitsu fad. It’s called the worm guard, because you worm his gi tail through his legs and feed it to one of your hands that is behind his legs. In sport jiu jitsu, it is a useful way to control your opponent’s movements. I like to try doing worm guard every now and again during sparring, but I don’t spend a great deal of time on it, since it has limited application to a real life self defense situation, which is my primary interest. Still, it is great in terms of developing spatial awareness on the ground. During sparring, we also did some positional sparring featuring leg locks. I have learned a few leg locks, but don’t often attempt anything more than straight ankle locks, since the more advanced leg locks are not allowed to be done on white belts. However, since all of my sparring partners were upper belts, I was given free reign to try them. It was interesting trying some of the more advanced ones, such as the toe hold and the knee bar. I may try to work on developing my leg lock game in the future, since it is easy for a smaller person to do against a larger opponent. Two famous matches that come to mind are Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir (Brock was knee-barred in their first fight) and Yuki Nakai vs Gerard Gordeau (Gordeau lost via heel hook).

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