I was not feeling 100% going into class tonight. Thankfully, we spent drilling time doing Berimbolo techniques, which is not too physically demanding. During sparring, I tried not to expend too much energy. However, I did have to scramble with several of the upper belts, in order to avoid getting submitted. Even though I felt a little under the weather, I still felt like I should have performed better. I try not to beat myself up for making mistakes, but I like to know if the reason for my difficulty resulted from a lapse in concentration on my part, or if it had more to do with the superior skills and experience of the upper belt. If it was a lapse in concentration on my part, I can work on staying focused. If the upper belt was simply better than me, I just have to keep coming to class and hope that my skills will eventually improve to the point where I’m more technically proficient.

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