I did a better job tonight defending against two things that had been giving me problems. One is a closed guard sweep that some people were doing to me. The other is X-guard. X-guard, popularized by Marcelo Garcia, can be very tricky to deal with. It is quite a task to avoid getting swept, once you’re caught in X-guard, especially if you’re sparring with a purple belt, which was the case tonight. The good news is that I was holding my own against the purple belt, at least for a while. The bad news is that I overheard the head coach mentioning to someone else how good I was doing. This may have caused me to lose focus, since, immediately after that, the purple belt passed my guard, and caught me in a devious triangle setup. It is a move that I had learned, but one that hardly anyone does, so it caught me a little off guard. On the bright side, the new triangle defense I recently learned almost worked. I think I can increase my odds of escaping the triangle by using this escape, provided I get more opportunities to practice it.

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