I ended up playing a lot more guard tonight during sparring than I typically do. It was good practice for me. I feel like my open guard game is steadily improving. The blue belts were still passing my open guard, but they seemed to be having a harder time dealing with my legs than a few months back. I was even able to sweep one of the blue belts and get on top, something I had difficulty achieving in the past against this particular blue belt. I also got to spar with two white belts, which was a nice breather. One of the white belts was even close to my size. Bonus! I was able to maintain mount and back mount on him for most of the match, but was unable to pull off a submission. He was using a lot of energy to fight off my submission attempts. I think I would have eventually caught him, given enough time. He was not doing a good job of conserving his strength. He was bound to get tired and make a mistake sooner or later. I also did well against the other white belt, but it was more of an even match. That’s actually saying something, since the white belt in question used to regularly submit me multiple times per match. I feel like I have become much better at deciphering his game and taking advantage of his weak spots.

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