Joel Review of Crazy 88 – Howard County Kickboxing Gym


Joel: My name is Joel, I live in Glen Burnie, Maryland, originally from Michigan, I’m 24 years old. My wife and I train here, and we really enjoy it.

Got started really when I was like 16, just wanted to move into something a little more physical, so I trained Muay Thai here. What made me start at Crazy 88 was, I’ve been off and on injured for awhile, but I just really want to get back into it. I stopped in, tried a free month, the people were great, really intense training, they’ve got champions, it’s just the whole package and I really liked that, so I stayed.

0:32 – I got my wife involved because she’s always been really athletic too, very physical. She always has a passing interest, you know, she stopped in and watched me once in awhile, and then we’d be like hanging out at home, and all of a sudden she’d be trying to kick me, like, just come to the gym, you’ll like it, and she came in and she loved it.

0:51 – So the way Crazy 88 compares, I’ll talk positives and negatives. So positives, it’s a big gym, great facilities, really experienced coaches, anyone you are learning from has fought and been teaching for awhile. It’s got a really good family atmosphere, I like that a lot, everybody knows everybody. On the flip side, one thing I wasn’t used to initially, was we don’t do as much actual conditioning, strength, running, things like that, in class, but that’s actually okay, because the facilities are good enough that you can come half hour before, do a quick weightlifting, this, you know, area is great, go for a run before training, there’s always somebody else who wants to go for a run, so in the end it really balanced out for me.

1:32 – People always ask me when I come in, like, do you have to fight? And I got one of my good friends I lift weights with, he doesn’t want to fight. You definitely don’t, that’s the nice thing. If you don’t want to fight, nobody is going to ask you to. If you want to, they’ll be there for you a hundred percent, you know, you can come in and train extra, it’s just, if you want to fight, you can fight, if you don’t, you can get a great workout.

1:51 – I think the biggest resistance I always get from people I bring in, friends, things like that, is I haven’t been in a fight since grade school, how can I do this? It’s really nothing like that. The first day you come in, you basically get a one-on-one session, really teach you the very basics. I mean, mechanically punching and kicking, they’re kind of natural, and it’s really not too hard to start training at a basic level. The only people I would say probably would find too much are people who are, you know, seventy plus. I don’t think there’s any really good senior programs. Other than that, you know, as long as you’re not a try hard who’s going to cause problems, I think you’ll be fine.

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