Norm Review of Crazy 88 Baltimore Mixed Martial Arts Gym


Normenny Tokba: Who am I? My name is Normenny Tokba. I work actually at a hospital, Johns Hopkins. What made me get started with training was, I’ve always had a passion for the martial arts. I’m a big MMA fan, as well. What really made me get back into it is, I missed the competitive side of training and martial arts and I just wanted to get active, get re-active in the whole sport. So I looked around for a school who could facilitate that.

0:34 – Especially when I actually took the class and took some of the trial and did the classes and saw at what level a lot of the teachers here and the people who compete here were at, compared to the other schools that I’ve gone to. So like I said, here at Crazy 88 we train much harder. I think a lot of the teachers have more of an extensive knowledge and background in jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai.

1:02 – Myself, I’m very athletic, I do a lot of training outside of even Crazy 88’s and like I said, I consider myself a competitor. And coming here and having people around me who have the same drive and tenacity, like I said, it really captivated me and made me want to delve more into that and train with people who are kind of like me and who could even propel me to greater heights.

1:28 – Who do I think would NOT be a good match here at Crazy 88; anybody who’s lazy, who doesn’t like competition. I would say anybody who’s not really — I wouldn’t say necessarily passionate, but who doesn’t have the drive or who doesn’t want to get better, who doesn’t want to propel themselves in jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai and martial arts in general. They wouldn’t fit here, because everybody here who I’ve seen are really competitive, they work really hard.

1:58 – A lot of people here are very friendly, a lot of the teachers here, even other students. You get to know a lot of them, actually, and everybody’s very supportive and everyone wants each other to learn. I think it’s a very synergistic atmosphere here where everybody’s feeding off each other and giving back and trying to work together to become better.

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