Tonight went much better than last time. I was able to successfully defend the cross choke that had given me trouble previously. The mental drilling seems to have worked. Also, I tried a slightly different approach to my open guard game, after having been X passed a few too many times. Instead of leaning forward to try to grab something, I went to my back and defended the bullfighter pass with my legs. It also helped me to pinpoint the biggest hole in my guard game. If my guard gets passed, it is typically at the intermediate range, rather than close in or far away. By switching from X pass to bullfighter range, I was able to retain my guard against a blue belt who had always previously passed my guard within a matter of seconds. Now, that I think about it, it makes sense. Sitting guard is more reliant on my arms, whereas laying on my back takes advantage of my long legs. Once I engage with my legs, I can then look for suitable grips to assist me with one of my favorite sweeps, the hook sweep. Alternatively, I can transition to the 50/50 guard, and try to get on top or even go for a 50/50 arm bar, something I only recently learned, but seems like it has potential.

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