I’m making small, but important, improvements to my mount defense. My main vulnerability when mounted has always been the Ezekiel choke. I have recently discovered that if I defend the choke, rather than rushing to escape, I can often set up a trap and roll escape which puts me back on top. The main challenge to this approach is that I still haven’t quite “Ezekiel proofed” myself, although I think I’m getting close. The other thing I’m interested in improving is my half guard lock down. It was a real eye opener watching Eddie Bravo use this technique in his recent match against Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3. Unlike Eddie Bravo, I can’t seem to hold the lockdown long enough to use it as an attacking move. Right now, all it does is keep my opponent from passing my guard for a few extra seconds. If I can figure out how exactly Bravo is preventing Royler’s knee cut pass, it could open open a whole world of possibilities in that position.

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