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0:10 – Hello, my name’s Will Winezero [sp] I’ve been training here at Crazy 88 for about two months now, maybe two and a half. I’m 25 years old. I do security for a living. I work a 40 hour a week job just like a regular person off the street. I still find time to come on in here and train.

0:28 – What motivated me to come train at Crazy 88 is I have a lot of friend who are pursing MMA as a profession actually. I figured, I wrestled a little bit in high school and everything, might as well go ahead and try my shot at it. I went to a couple different gyms. Wasn’t really liking the feel.

0:46 – As soon as I came in to the doors here, I was greeted by two coaches, two awesome guys. They immediately showed me around and everything.

I love the place. It’s nice. It’s still fairly new. This location has been around since, I think, September of last year. Everything’s still like brand spanking new. It’s a great place to train. Wide open. Lots of room.

1:05 – My biggest fear before I started training had to have been just the fear of failure in itself. I’m not one who likes to mess things up, or have something go incomplete as it were. By the time I got in here, I learned there’s a certain confidence that you do keep on the mat, but you kind of leave your ego at the door.

1:28 – You’re going to come in here, and you’re going to train with high level guys. You might get tapped a couple times, but eventually the times you get tapped will become less and then you’ll keep progressing to the point where you start tapping other guys.

It’s just an ongoing learning process, but I no longer fear that anymore.

1:45 – To be perfectly honest with you, I think that anyone and everyone is the best fit for Crazy 88.

There’s absolutely no kind of fitness level where you really need to be in here. I came in here, I first started I was 285 pounds. I’m down to 270 pounds now. I’m still going.

We have people who come in here that never played sports before. They never competed in any kind of . . . anything like that.

They come right on in. They get situated. It takes a little bit. You would get some flexibility. You learn some great technique here, and you just keep moving forward.

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