Byung Ju – Crazy 88 Mixed Martial Arts Program review

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0:10 – Hi, my name is Byung Ju Lee, and I’m a student at UMBC. I’m an undergrad student. I’m majoring in public health right now. Before joining Crazy 88, I felt like I was losing the passion of doing the martial arts. It’s been almost three, four years since I’ve been missing that feeling, and I really wanted to try to find a place where I can really do a lot of exercise, and do a lot of work outs which make me improve.

0:55 – When I first came here, I was really impressed by the coaches. It was my very first day, and one thing I really found fascinating was that the coaches were able to find all the mistakes that I was making. I’ve been other places as well, but if some coaches aren’t very diligent at teaching, and kind of a little bit lazy, they don’t tell you small details, and they just tell you ‘Oh, it’s ok, you can just do it like that, it’ll work,’ which is not very true, if you’re really considering about competing, or even in real-life situation, because all those little mistakes build up, like a puzzle, like a snowball, and then gets bigger and bigger.

1:37 – When I first came here and started Jiu-Jitsu practice, Coach Keith, he was my first instructor, and then I was making small mistakes switching the grip, he found it. It was really impressive, because I was just there for the first day. I feel like I’m learning more than just martial arts, he takes it beyond that. I’m learning how to respect each other, the teammates, the people. I talk a lot during the training, because I have a lot of questions in my mind. Sometimes I thought people would be nagged, because I asked so many questions, trying to fix up small details where I’m making mistakes.

2:23 – Every single time, whether it was coaches, or whether it was the teammates I was training with, every single time when I asked questions they all answered me really well. They don’t feel bothered about it all. It really made me happy, because I felt like I’ve been training in a really, really good environment and everybody’s been nice, but at the same time training very seriously.

2:44 – There are many things that I feel really different about, about training here than other places I’ve been with. One biggest thing that I find here is while everybody trains very seriously, the environment is like a family. I feel like while we are training very seriously, there are people who are trying to be world champions, there are people who competing in national and in world championships, but at the same time, when they’re training, I feel like I’m in an environment where I’m invited, with many others.

3:20 – Also, the other places I’ve been, I cannot say everywhere, but most places, especially in Korea where I’m training, people are very hostile and sometimes it’s hard for us to get along. Everybody’s just focused way, way too much on competing and winning the medal, so it is really, really hard to get along with everyone. But here, one thing I’m really finding is everybody can get along at the same while we’re training very, very seriously. That’s the one thing I find really different training here.

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