Jen – Review of Crazy 88 Womens Only Program

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Jen: Alright so I am like shocked I just won an iMac, me and the girls, and yeah, like for the referral contest that we have here at the Crazy 88. The weird thing is, is that before you even come in here you hadn’t, I hadn’t heard of Crazy 88.

My youngest said she wanted to be a UFC fighter so you know, I googled it and Crazy 88 come up. We came here and, we were given a tour. I didn’t know what to expect. And so I joined for the girls and figured I would, I would go ahead and work out too, add a little bit to my workout routine, and ended up falling in love. I don’t know why, how but it like hit me, hit me out of the blue. They love it, I love it. I feel like, what do you feel like when we were talking the other night it’s like our second what?

Child 1: Second home.

Jen: It’s like our second home you know. I mean, it’s like, we have no problems being here for hours on end when they’re training, when I’m training, it’s, everybody has that feeling here that you can’t describe in words you just have to feel it. And it’s just a good feeling to be part of something bigger than yourself. And it’s something we hadn’t had before outside of ourselves. It’s been the three of us for so long and now we’re a part of something bigger, something great.

Crazy 88 is like amazing for everybody. I don’t care if you’re just looking to get in shape, I don’t care; they see everybody from all walks of life here come together under one roof and just do amazing things every single day. Everybody cheers everybody on. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to get in shape? Do you want to be fitter? Do you want to fight no matter what it is? And that’s what I like about here.

My girls, they’re on different levels, but they practice together at home. The coaches make sure of that. That it’s in a way that we all learn, we all understand on our levels. Then we go home and we practice. So I would recommend Crazy 88 to anybody. So I mean… and the referral contest was like a shocker, it’s a bonus, it’s a plus. I mean we’re not going anywhere anyway so I’m happy.

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