The only person who submitted me tonight was a blue belt who outweighed me by at least 50 to 80 pounds, so that’s encouraging. In particular, I’m proud of the fact that two purple belts were unable to submit me, despite both having passed my guard and mounting me. In each case, I was able to escape, recover guard and launch my own modest counter attack. I’m sure some of my improvement is due simply to the accumulation of time on the mat. However, not a class has gone by over the last few weeks in which I haven’t made use of something I learned from Gracie University. In tonight’s case, among other things, I was able to do a double under hook pass on a pretty strong blue belt. I tried the same move repeatedly against one of the purple belts, but he kept escaping. That makes sense, since that particular version of the double under hook guard pass is part of the blue belt stripe one course (and it did work when I tried it on a blue belt). Perhaps, there will be a more advanced purple belt version of the move that will be introduced in some future (not yet filmed) lesson.

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