No back takes tonight, although I came close a couple of times. However, I was able to get mount a few times. I think I’m getting better at maintaining mount and side control. Of course, I ended up on the bottom a couple of times as well. I’ve been reviewing positional escapes recently, and I definitely feel like my escapes were more effective tonight. I made a few half hearted attempts at the triangle choke, but I haven’t yet gained enough confidence in my technique to actually follow through with the move in sparring. If your triangle attempt goes bad, it can often result in your guard being passed. I usually abort before this happens, meaning I rarely commit to the move. So far, I have tended to favor the Omoplata from closed guard. It seems less risky in that respect. Still, my goal is to eventually develop a decent triangle. In BJJ, not being able to do a triangle is kind of like an Italian chef that can’t make risotto. Finally, in addition to improving my back attacks, I also want to get better at X guard. I think the X guard could potentially end up being a key ingredient of my bottom game, provided I can become competent in two or three sweeps from there.

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