Tonight, we worked on wrestling takedowns. I’m comfortable with Judo takedowns, but I never wrestled in school. As a result, my wrestling takedowns…what’s the word?…suck! I do my best to drill them in class, in order to understand the mechanics, and more importantly for me, the defense against them. However, I’ll probably always be a Judo guy at heart when it comes to standup. Everybody was so exhausted from takedown drills, that by the time we got to sparring, we were all dragging a bit. Well, at least some of us were. That was not too much of a problem against the first guy, a not too technical white belt. Even though I was exhausted by that point, I still managed to pass his guard several times, and I even pulled off a fancy sweep from x guard. My second opponent was also a white belt, but much faster, and more experienced. I all but let him pass my guard, mount and choke me, just so I could catch my breath a bit. I hate doing that, but sometimes it’s the only way I can keep sparring (I usually don’t let them submit me, but he was too strong, and I was too lax in my defense). I did try a little harder the second time, once we reset. He again passed my guard, and again went to mount, but this time, I caught his leg, and slowly worked my way into deep half guard. He eventually freed his leg, and transitioned back to side mount, and then mount, but it did gave me an idea. Because I was too tired to do the normal defense, I ended up improvising an opening that allowed me to get to deep half guard. It wasn’t planned out on my part, but it could be something that I could do on purpose in the future. It would require me to maneuver my hands into a position that would allow me to immediately transition into deep half as soon he goes for the mount from side mount. It would have to be timed just right, but it might be worth trying a few times to see if I can do it deliberately.

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