We went over the weird Granby roll under the legs move again tonight. I think I’m starting to understand how it’s supposed to be done, even though I’m a long ways away from perfecting it. We also learned an additional move to the series which allows you (in theory) to take the guy’s back. I actually tried to do the move in sparring against a guy who outweighs me by around 50 pounds or so. I tried it on him, because the move is really designed to be used by a smaller person against a bigger person. I was partially successful. He kept countering me about halfway through. I finally got tired, and gave up my attempts. However, as I thought back on my match with him, I can see how I may be able to use this move against such a person in the future, with more practice. I also worked on my half guard tonight. I felt more comfortable in my entry than previously, and was able to stay in half guard much longer than on previous occasions.

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