Tonight’s class was encouraging. After working on a series of fancy Berimbolo techniques, which didn’t put excessive strain on my arm, I was put against a series of similar sized blue belts in sparring. Only one of them submitted me, and he was the most aggressive of the three. Still, I thought I held my own, and even passed the guard of one of them on several occasions. After class, I talked with one of the brown belts a bit. He said he thought I had some moments in the sparring where I was moving well. He also pointed out something that I had also sort of noticed, but hadn’t articulated as well as him. I’m usually the lightest white belt in class. The only people in my weight class are typically blue belts. That means I get easily overpowered by the white belts, unless my technique is better than theirs, or I get outmaneuvered by similar sized blue belts, due to their technical superiority. As a result, I am not able to dominate in the majority of my matches. I agree with his assessment. However, I do feel like I’m steadily gaining on the blue belts technically. They still surprise me with an exotic move every now and again, but with much less frequency than before. If I can continue to improve my guard passing, as well as certain aspects of my bottom game, I may even be able to submit one of the blue belts in the near future.

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