Tonight, it was white belts vs upper belts for about 45 minutes of sparring. For the first half, we had to start out on bottom in open guard. For the second half, we had to start from standing position, with them on bottom. I tried to keep up, but I quickly became too tired to fend off most of their pass attempts for long. Also, my right arm started throbbing from the Friday’s Kimura fiasco. It feels better now, after two Aleve pills. Even though I was stuck in survival mode for most of the sparring, at least I managed to not get submitted by any of them, with the exception of the brown belt. I was so tired by that point that I didn’t even hardly attempt to defend his arm bar, which I normally would have done. I think he knew I was exhausted, because he let me rest for the last ten seconds of the match, rather than restarting.

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