Tonight was going relatively well until the last match of the evening. I was going against a 230 pound heavyweight. I currently weigh 150 pounds. We were in a scramble, and I was trying to defend against his deep half, when he all but lifted me bodily. I was trying to roll into turtle, but came down on the back of my neck momentarily, with his weight on top of me. I had to stop for a minute to make sure it was nothing serious. After a minute or so, I felt ok enough to continue, but it was a bit of a neck crank. On the bright side, my neck muscles have definitely strengthened as a result of my Jiu Jitsu training, so it hopefully won’t be anything that will last more than a day or so. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. The guy just didn’t know his own strength, and didn’t realize how light I am (I guess I look heavier when I’m wearing a gi).

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