I did some further research on nutrition and found out that my body sweats out sodium (a duh moment for me). That means that I can consume slightly more sodium (and certain other minerals such as calcium) than an average sedentary person. This wasn’t really an issue when my workouts were only an hour. However, now that I’m going to classes that last at least an hour and a half (last Friday’s class was two and a half hours!), it is very difficult to consume the required amount of calories without a slight uptick in sodium. But, since I’m losing sodium through sweat anyway, it all works out. I’m really enjoying having classes being taught by a black belt. Not that the other coaches aren’t qualified, but a good black belt can point out little things, even about a basic technique you’ve done a million times, like he did tonight with the basic side mount escape. I could feel my side control escape taking quantum leaps forward as the class went on. By the way, if I haven’t convinced you by now that jiu jitsu is an amazing art, here’s yet more proof. I sparred against a 15 year old girl tonight, who couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds, and not only made zero progress against her, she actually slapped on a triangle and nearly submitted me, before the round mercifully ended. She was like wrestling with an eel. She is a green belt, which is the highest belt for juniors. Once she turns 16, she will transfer to the adult belt system.

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