So, you know how I was telling you about how I got clocked in the teeth with a forearm last time? Well, this time, it was my turn to be that guy. It was not intentional on my part, of course. Here’s what happened. I had a white belt in side control, and he was trying to escape. He actually was doing a good job of it. He even had lifted me off the mat with his legs and arms in an attempt to sweep me. I managed to keep my balance in the air so that I landed over him on my feet. From there, I established knee on belly, and was sinking back down into side control. Going to side control usually involves bringing your forearm under his neck in a move called cross facing. As I went for the cross face, he turned into me. That meant his nose ran straight into my cross facing forearm. Fortunately, no blood was involved, but I think he was definitely in pain for about 30 seconds (lightly swat the top of your own nose, if you have never experienced this sensation). Ordinarily, the person on bottom would have his hands up defensively in what is called the prayer position (elbows tucked into your sides, hands covering your neck). I think his hands were down because he might have been thinking of turning into me to go for my legs. Anyway, he seemed fine afterwards. As you may know, Jiu jitsu literally means “the gentle art”. Who says the samurai didn’t have a sense of humor?

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