I was extremely tired coming into class tonight. I’m not sure what it was. Perhaps, it was waking up a little too early this morning, combined with a rather busy weekend. Anyway, to make matters worse, the coach decided to have us do sprints during warmups. After that, we all had to do 20 push-ups, unless you were the first person in your group to complete the sprints. As I was doing my push-ups, I heard a loud crash. Apparently, one of the new guys really didn’t want to do push-ups. He ran so fast, he couldn’t slow down, and ended up crashing into the wall. He left a nice hole where his hand hit the wall. Sparring was a daunting prospect tonight, since I knew there would be no easy matches (almost none of the brand new white belts showed up today). I sparred with four blue belts, and one white belt who was less technical than me, but bigger and stronger. I mostly held my own (only two of the four blue belts submitted me), but I did get wrist locked by one of the new blue belts. I rarely have to deal with wrist locks at my belt level, so it usually catches me off guard (that’s the point). Two of the blue belts passed my guard. I was able to transition to the running escape in each case without problems. However, I kept messing up the next move in the escape sequence. In thinking back on it, I’m pretty sure that my left arm was incorrectly positioned. That’s what allowed the one blue belt to come around to my back and slip in the choke. Something to work on for the future.

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